Everyone wants perfect brows, but who has the time and patience to draw them on everyday? Microblading provides a carefree, wake-up-and-go solution with natural results. I can't wait to help you achieve your ultimate brow dreams.
-Annie, The Archer

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About Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent, moderately painless cosmetic technique that mimics your own natural eyebrow hairs using a manual tool to place pigment under the skin. 

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  • Standard Brow Fill

  • Brow Restoration

  • Ombred Brows

  • Powdered Brows

  • Freckling/Beauty Mark


Meet Your Artist

  • Certified Microblading Artist

  • Blood Bourne Pathogen Certified

  • 15 Years in Beauty Industry

  • Licensed Cosmetologist

  • Licensed Cosmetology Educator



Microblading Can Used To:

  • Fill out sparse or non-existent eyebrows

  • Thicken brows caused by years of over plucking

  • Lengthen shorter brows

  • Create a new desired brow shape

  • Restore a natural appearance due to medical conditions such as chemotherapy or alopecia

  • Assist those who have difficulty applying makeup due to unsteady hands

  • Shorten lengthy makeup routines

  • Ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle


Who may not be a candidate:

  • Anyone with a heart condition or pacemaker

  • Anyone currently pregnant or nursing

  • Anyone currently on Accutane

  • Anyone with diabetes or under a doctor's care

  • Anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatments

  • Anyone with high blood pressure

  • Anyone using blood thinning prescriptions

  • Anyone with a medical history of keloids or keloid scarring

  • Anyone with an open wound present in the area

  • Anyone with a bacterial or viral infection

  • Anyone under the age of 18